Monday, 28 November 2011

Student Academic Representative Meeting

At the start of the year, I put myself forward to be a student academic representative (or SAR) for my year group. This means that I'm someone that students can come to with any feedback (good or bad) on the modules. I was given two modules to charge of; History and Applications and Psychology and Lifestyle. We then attend meetings with the staff to give the formative feedback!
Today was the first meeting of the academic year. In the weeks leading up to this meeting, feedback was collected on how the modules could be improved. It was important to represent the opinion of the group as a whole, not allowing my personal option to influence the general feedback.
During the meeting I took personal notes about the issues experienced by other year groups. I did this because if I am a representative in future years, I'd like to know what issues previous students have encountered, and whther they were solved.

Hours so far: 2.5