Friday, 27 July 2012

Mind drop in

Helped out again at the Mind drop in centre. Made cups of tea and chatted to service users. Then made some cards for service users birthdays. Looked after the child of one of the service users as it was the summer holidays, whilst the commitee had a meeting with the trustees.

Hours to date: 49.5

16.5 hours at Mind

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mind - drop in.

Had my first Mind drop in experience. My role as a volunteer is to chat with service users, make cups of tea and sometimes do some activites.
Met some wonderful people with stories to share, but will not mention them by name here to maintain confidentiality. Did some art and crafts today and also played Magic with some of the service users.
Despite being initially nervous about this volunteering oppertunity, I feel as though I have made some new friends and look forward to next week!

Hours to date: 43