Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Applicant day - Student ambassador.

Today was a university applicant day, where potential students come to visit the university to get a feel for the place and their possible course choices. I offered to help show people around the campus, and share my own personal experiences of the university life! My first job was to guide people in the direction of the sports hall for registration. Standing out in the cold is not alot of fun, but I like to think that my smile welcome the prospective students and their families into the uni!
After the quick registration talk I took the Law and Religious Studies students to their talks about their subjects. Then I went to Astberry House, one of the universtity accomodation buildings on campus. My job was to give the families a tour around a student bedroom, the kitchen area and the common room. Despite living off campus myself, I had a lot of knowledge to share about the general feel of the university and the experiences of my friends who live on campus.

This experience was great as I love my university, and wanted to share that passion with others.
Also, I recieved £25 of tesco vouchers for this volunteering, which was a nice, unexpected suprise!
I would definately recommend this volunteering experience.

Hours to date: 22

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