Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Canal Project - Litter pick

This was my first (official) voluteering experience.I'm very passionate about being as eco-friendly as possible, so when I heard about the canal project I wanted to get involved. I think it's really important to give something back to the environment and preserve it for future generations.
After meeting in the office with the other eager volunteers, we met with Dave from British Waterways who explained the areas we'd be focusing on. After we got our tools we got stuck straight in! Litter picking was weirdly theraputic, and it was great to talk to the other volunteers who were super friendly (especially when fueled with Ribena and biscuits!).
The best aspect of this volunteering was the feedback recieved from the general public. People who were walking their dogs down the canal or having a run gave us so much praise, thanking us for giving back to the community. I felt really proud to be a student at the university, and it just goes to show that not all students have the bad reputation we are so often given

Can't wait for the next canal project.

Hours to date: 6

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